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You can't stand the thought of her killing herself. She's one of your best friends.

The lunch bell rang, and you help her up(with some hope of stealing the metal object from her), get your backpacks, and head to class. Two of your friends, Rome and Duncan, walk with you. Somehow, they get ahead of you, and while you're walking, you see a rose or the ground. You pick it up with a ninja plan to hide it in her backpack and run to go catch up with her, Duncan, and Rome. As she's walking, completely oblivious to it, you slip the rose into a side pocket of her backpack, and you give her a hug. As the door to her classroom closes, you say quietly to yourself,

"Mission Success!" However, it seems that you weren't too stealthy as you didn't have to tell Rome what you did. You hope she finds it and it makes her smile.

As you approach your Spanish 1 class, which is conveniently placed next to your friend's Math  class, Duncan interrupts the silence that is making you sick to your stomach,

"She can find anything to cut herself with." he said grimly in a worried way.

"Duncan, I have enough imagination already, but thank you for offering." you say as an attempt to end the conversation. He continues.

"I mean, she could take the bark of that tree and cut herself with it."

You feel the tears that are threatening to spill. You want to cry.

"See you later Duncan." you say as a stronger attempt to end the conversation, and hug him goodbye.

"See ya." he says as he walks away and waves goodbye. You and Rome both have Spanish 1 together, and frankly, you're glad he's there.

You walk silently to your seats where your "Para Empezar" ("do now") awaits on your desk. Your eyes cloud with the tears threatening to spill and you wipe them (while trying to look natural) with your sleeve. You only get to answer three of the nine questions. You talk about them to your partner, who happens to be Rome. You tell him why you didn't get that many done, and apparently he just barely finished.

"Yeah, I was in 'that place'. If I wasn't there I would've-" Rome began.

"Been reading by now?" You finish. You knew what he was talking about when he said 'that place'. It was a place where your scary imagination and fear lay, where you were thinking about what could happen. And a scary image kept reappearing in your head.

There's caution tape around the girl's bathroom's door and police stood there, blocking the door in a half cylinder kind of shape, crossing arms. Everyone around you kept saying that someone had committed suicide in the girl's bathroom. You hope it's just a rumor, pray its a rumor. Then you hear her name. It was her who committed suicide. Katie, your 'sister from another mister' gives you a hug and you realize only a few people are crying, and you bury your head in your hands.

You shake your head. You can hardly focus for the rest of the class.

The bell rings, indicating that you should pack up your things and head to your next class. Your friend walks in with a flower, a rose, in her hand.

Best of all, she was smiling.
Part 2.

TYIMS, ch.1, pt.1: [link]
TYIMS, ch.2, pt. 2: you are here
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April 12, 2012
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